Keynote Lecture 1

Old and new biomarkers in melanoma
Caroline Robert, Paris, France

Keynote Lecture 2

Spitzoid tumors
Aimilios Lallas, Thessaloniki, Greece

Keynote Lecture 3

What is new in NMSC
Axel Hauschild, Kiel, Germany

Keynote Lecture 4

Cellular therapies, vaccines, chemical drugs: what is the future?
John Haanen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Keynote Lecture 5

The development of skin cancer surgery
Alexander Eggermont, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Keynote Lecture 6

The microbiome in immunotherapy
Laurence Zitvogel, Paris, France

Keynote Lecture 7

Neoadjuvant treatment: current and future developments
Sapna Patel, Houston, USA

Keynote Lecture 8

How to treat melanoma brain metastasis
Hussein Tawbi, Houston, United States